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How to Cut down on Soda

We all know that soda tastes great to most of us. The problem with the fizzy drink are all those excess calories. So, how do you cut down on your soda intake? I have a few tips.

1. Don’t buy them. – If you fail to buy them on your grocery shopping trips, it will not be in the house to drink. Instead, try to drink water from the tap. Or, if you are like me and dislike water, instead of picking up the soda grab a box of tea bags or a canister of instant lemonade or even Kool-aid. These are cheaper and taste great, with less calories. If you really want to go on the healthier side of things and still don’t want water, buying 100% fruit juice is always an option, but a bit more pricy.

2. Don’t take cash. – This means into your office at work, with you on the road, to school or anywhere you typically buy the bubbly beverage from a drink machine. Not only is it much more costly but carrying that cash around temps you too much to buy that soda. Yes, you may want to convince yourself “If I take cash today, I will buy that bottled water instead of my favorite cola”. Face the facts: You’ll end up getting that soda, and probably a candy bar too. Your best option is to take a cup with you and get water. Its generally free from a sink or water fountain. And if you don’t like water? Try getting those mix-in packs which flavor water. If you, like some, dislike these, then invest in a travel mug and take your favorite beverage with you. (Just not the cola).

3. Crunch the numbers. – If you are like most people you probably go shopping at least once a week. Say you pick up only one twelve pack a week. Lets say its just $3.00 a week. (That’s the sale price at my local store). 3 multiplied by 52 is 156. That’s $156.00 a year wasted on a drink that only gives you extra calories. (I’m sure, like my family used to, you get about 2 or 3 twelve packs. The numbers just get bigger. I bet that money would come in handy to pay for some of those credit card bills.)

And speaking of those calories, how many extra calories is that? Well, being conservative and including all the “0” calorie sodas, the average is around 100 calories per 12 ounce can of soda. In a 12 pack that’s 1,200 calories. Multiply 1,200 by 52 is 64,400 calories per year consumed on a conservative amount of soda. And the average family is four people so that’s 15,600 calories per person, assuming the soda is shared equally. Now a single pound of fat is approximately 3,500 calories. That comes out to be 4.5lbs extra a year just in drinks. Drinking that much soda over 10 years and you can see why you have 45 extra pounds on your previous high school frame and why your kid is that much over weight.

Even if you want to say: “well, I buy the 0 calorie diet soda, hah! I don’t get all those calories.” How good does that even taste? If you do like the taste and fail to see the fact that no soda ever made has fiber or protein, both essential nutrients, then by all means, drink up your 0 calorie soda and see if it helps you lose weight and keeps you healthy.

In the end, to stop drinking soda, you have to have the will power to make an entire life style changed. Not drinking those sugary syrup filled sodas will help you lose weight and become healthier over all. Soda isn’t the only thing. All those other unhealthy foods should be cut down to a minimum as well. Exercise is a must as well. Making a life-style changed isn’t easy but its worth it in the end.

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